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John Carey is a registered Physical Therapist and President of (S.W.A.T. ) Strength, Wellness, and Athletic Therapy LLC., a group of physical therapists specializing in detailed head to toe examination of professional and amateur athletes. Exam results are then tailored into sport specific strength training and injury prevention programs. He is the full time personal physical therapist and training consultant for Luke Scott of the Baltimore Orioles, and Matt Holliday of the St. Louis Cardinals. He has worked with many other professional and top amateur athletes.

John is a 1992 graduate of Langston University, where he studied under the direction of nationally renowned Australian trained Physio-therapist Barbara Stevens. John then completed his postgraduate studies with Ms. Stevens in advanced manual physical therapy under a fellowship training program at the Saint Anthony Spine Center. Following his fellowship training, John assisted in teaching three yearlong courses in manual physical therapy with his mentor, focusing on Australian and Norwegian manipulation/stretching techniques.

In 1994 he was the director of physical therapy at Oklahoma State University Seretean Wellness Center, where he developed strength training and stretching programs for OSU Baseball program under coach Tom Holliday. In 2001 John became the director of rehab services at Southcrest hospital in Tulsa Oklahoma. He was instrumental in the development of the Southcrest Wellness and Sports Medicine center on the campus of Tulsa Union High School serving as it's director for three years.

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