Fitness Center

Fitness Center

Oak Tree National is proud to have one of the nationally recognized pioneers in golf fitness operate the facility. When Robert Stoner established our fitness center in 1996, the concept of fitness for golfers was still very controversial. Golfers were afraid of injuring themselves, ‘bulking up’ or becoming less flexible. The key is having expert supervision and programs designed specifically for the golfer’s needs, with emphasis on flexibility, conditioning, injury prevention and strength.

Now, many well-known PGA Touring Professionals, club pros, college and high school golfers, as well as competitive amateurs, come from all over the country to take advantage of Robert’s comprehensive and innovative programs. Under Robert’s direction, the Oak Tree National Fitness Center has become the #1 golf fitness and injury rehab center in this part of the country.

Golfers come to me to rehabilitate injuries involving their shoulders, elbows, backs, knees—all the injuries familiar to avid golfers. Many others come to me to ‘prehabilitate’, for injury prevention. And no program would be complete without the right balance of strength, flexibility, and endurance training that provides the important anatomical equilibrium and bilateral symmetry so important to all athletes. The PGA Touring Pros and college golfers that I train will tell you that my system provides all of these benefits using an approach that is comprehensive and safe.

I’m available for consultations and one-on-one personal training. I also custom design individual programs that can be downloaded to your computer via the internet. My training courses are designed around the very specific needs of the individual, taking into consideration their present physical condition, age, medical history, and experience. I work with men, women, and children of all ages. I would like to invite all our members to visit me in the fitness center.

- Robert

About Robert Stoner

Robert is a fitness consultant and personal trainer with over 20 years of experience. He founded MEDI-FIT Fitness as a Lifestyle in 1992, STONER’S Fitness for Golf in 1996, PARADISE Health & Fitness Resort in 1998, and BOOMERS Fitness for the Ages in 1999. He has also been a training instructor since 1992, teaching personal training to individuals enrolled in AHFA Certification programs.

Robert is a personal trainer to celebrities, professional athletes, doctors, chiropractors and others in the health care profession. He was a fitness commentator on KOMA AM/FM radio in Oklahoma City (1997-98) and has been the administrator of the Health & Fitness Hotline on the World Wide Web for 9 years. He has supervised recovery and rehab programs for patients of the world’s foremost sports-injury surgeon, Dr. Frank Jobe of Los Angeles. When doctors want to know about exercise, they call Robert Stoner.

Robert is probably best known for his work with PGA Touring Pros. He is one of the nationally-recognized pioneers in golf fitness and has been recognized by the Golf Channel and Golf Magazine. Robert operates the state-of-the-art Oak Tree National Fitness Center in Edmond, Oklahoma where he trains PGA Touring Pros, club pros, and college golfers. 


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